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Appeal to the Great Mother.

Воззвания к Великой Звёздной Матери, на английском. 

Appeals to the Great Stellar Mother.


The Great Mother of the Universe.

Great Mother of Creation,
Boundless as the starry skies,
Wrap Thy cloak around me,
Bless my Spirit, on my path.

Queen of all, Goddess and Mother,
Stay with me through all my life,
Through all my incarnations,
Within me and in all things around me.

Let Thy Darkness hide me from all Evil,
Let Thy Light illuminate my Path,
Let Thy Love fill me,
And let Love be the Essence of my life.

Teach me to see clearly, how Thou seest everything,
Strengthen my heart and give me courage to live,
Let me know Thy Infinite Eternity,
And let me unite as one with Thee.

Save me from sorrows and misfortunes,
Heal me with Thy kiss,
Let me spread my wings,
To embrace Thee in their vastness.

Clothe my body in Thy power,
Fill my soul with Thy Love,
And my mind with thy Wisdom,
That I may ever praise Thee.

For Thou art the Soul of the World,
United with all souls,
And thou art the Great Spirit,
United with all spirits.

Great Mother of Creation,
Star Mother of everything,
The infinite essence of Eternity,
Glory to Thee and Love, Glory to Thee and Love.

Thy names and images are boundless,
As boundless as Thy Love,
And as Thy eternal protection and guardianship,
Glory to Thee, glory to Thee, glory to Thee.

In the name of the Mother Universe.
Author — Viktor Aradia, tradition of Stellar Witchcraft.
Translated by Julia and Misha.


Appeal to the Great Mother.

Glory to Thee, Great Mother,
Incarnate Eternity of the Universe,
Queen of Starry Heaven,
Be with me everywhere and in everything,
As the World Soul is united with every souls,
Save and protect me in all ways,
Keep me safe and shelter me in all my worlds and paths,
Lead me to the enlightenment and blessing,
May in all my deeds Thy wisdom be manifested,
Glory to Thee, Eternal One.
Author — Viktor Aradia, tradition of Stellar Witchcraft.
Translated — Julia.


Call To Aradia.

Hail Aradia, Ancient Queen,
Queen of witches, and of angels,
Traveler through the skies,
The depths, and all the worlds between —
Grand Priestess, reverent and wise.
You whose light shines through the ages
Guide us with your craft and skills
That we, your votaries and mages
Forge the fires of our own wills
Help us spread our star-souled wings
Teach us always how to be
In oneness with the Great Mother who brings us
Wisdom, strength, and harmony
May we be blessed on our journey
Glory to you, Goddess eternal.
Author — Viktor Aradia, tradition of Stellar Witchcraft.
Translated by Misha.
p. s. Aradia — the Great Star Witch, Goddess and daughter of the Great Mother (in one of Her faces), who once came to the world to carry the path of the Old Craft. In different traditions, witches perceive It differently. In Stellar Witchcraft we see Her as one of the Star Spirits and specifically the Star Ladies/Lords (Queens/Kings of Spirits). She can manifest a part of her Spirit (as many Deities and Great Spirits do) in witches and priests, as part of a practice to develop the necessary qualities, help the Spirits, or guide the Path.

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Русские версии можно посмотреть как на этом сайте в разделе Звездного Ведьмовства, так и на нашем сайте «Дух Богини» (https://spiritofgoddess.wixsite.com/spirit).
Вдохновения и мудрости.
Виктор Арадия.

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